We first evaluate suppliers that can supply product that meets the needs of our customer. These suppliers must be audited and certified appropriately to be considered.

We then evaluate each supplier on the following:

  1. Execution Quality & Speed: We execute test orders with the supplier to evaluate quality of production. We also focus on their execution: accuracy of lead time, on-time delivery, level of in-process quality control, and yield.

  2. Communication: During the order process, we closely monitor the suppliers’ communication skills. The faster and more clearly a supplier communicates with us, the better we are able to serve our customers.

  3. Sustainability & Social Responsibility: Suppliers must demonstrate production capabilities with sustainable materials. During the audits, they must also receive an A grade for key indicators related to ethical business behavior, workers protection, and protection of the environment.

  4. Innovation: Suppliers must have a design team internally that responds to market trends and proactively produces new concepts to match our customers’ needs.

To learn more about how we evaluate and select our suppliers, read this blog post.

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